My customers say it best...


Debbie R.

"Recently, a dear friend gave me one of Lorraine's hanging Hu beaded blessings for my birthday.  I was so surprised, firstly because I wasn't expecting a gift :) and secondly because the beaded blessing was just so beautiful.  The beads are a deep purple, and the HU is encased in a pearly marble like base, both of which are so elegant and playful at the same time.  Right now, I have the blessing hanging from a photo of me as a little girl, to remind me to be compassionate and kind to myself.  Thank you, Lorraine!  I love it." 


"My daughter loves her beaded blessing . It’s beautiful!"


"Lorraine I love my Beaded Blessing.  Thank you for customizing one for me.  I’m often quite stressed before heading into school so it’s a great reminder to take some breaths before leaving the car.  Of course, I love mermaids so seeing it makes me smile and brings joy to me.  I have given the other ones to my friends for their birthdays and they love hanging them in their car or on their purses."

Rama F.

"Your lovely offer to each of us to take one of your charming gifts was so generous!  I love my choice.  Also, the bracelet I bought as a gift for one of our dearest friends was perfect.  

It was a delight for both Greg and me to meet you.  We send blessings of Light to you, your ministry and your art."

Shelly B.

"I keep my Beaded Blessing in my car and see it every time I drive.  It is a favorite color of mine and has an angel charm. It reminds me that I am watched over and to send good thoughts to my loved ones."



"I don't normally like to hang things in my car, but when I walked out today to my car, already heavy in the middle of tasks for the day, and saw this gift hanging from my car's rearview mirror. I had asked to have it blessed in the workshop, and  I was transported back into the workshop energy and drove out into my day in tears of gratitude, filled with light and love."

Nesi S.

"Thank you for sending the necklace with Dave.  I LOVE IT!!!!"

Aileen F.

"My sister loved her charm and immediately attached it to her purse and sent me a pix.

Last week was pretty rough for her so this was a happy way to kick off the new week!"

Jeanne W.

"They are soooo beautiful, I will send a pic hanging on our grapevine tree. I love them all, they add great light and energy to the shoppe!"

Rachel F.

"Thank you for all the love that you bring to the world!"