Lorraine Holland

Reminding You to Breathe

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About Lorraine

Beaded Blessings beginnings

I created Beaded Blessings from the realization that I needed to be reminded to breathe and be present.  I noticed my friends and family also need this reminder.  From here, the idea for Beaded Blessings was born.  

Whether it be from stress, worry or anxiety, it is my belief that everyone needs a reminder.  They can also serve as a reminder that our angels are always near to comfort us.

What makes them special

As an ordained minister, I infuse all my Beaded Blessings with love and light.

The best places to hang them, is where you will see them the most; a purse, a backpack, a rear-view mirror, a window, an altar, a door knob, a lamp, a chandelier.  Anywhere a blessing of love and light is needed.

Creating Beaded Blessings has brought me great joy as I have in turn seen the joy, peace and happiness it is brought others.